Messages to Timothy


"I have known Tim for many years and his psychic skills are right up there with the best. He has the gift to tell you exactly what you need to know and in the most compassionate way.”

… Dr. Steven Machado D.C., Los Angeles

“I can not tell you the peace of mind I received from Tim’s reading. He came to my home and literally tuned instantly into my husband and mother who passed away last year. It is hard to believe at first, but he understood and knew things that would be impossible to know, especially because we had never met. He had asked to remove all photos and personal items before coming to my house. He knew who lived where, their personal traits, how my mom passed and that they were both okay, watching me and with me. I highly recommend Tim, You will not be disappointed!!! He will turn you into a believer!!”

…Diane Sheppard, Palm Desert, CA

“The time Tim spent with me was invaluable! The experience was most open honest and loving. Tim was 100% on target with issues in my life - I left with an awareness and openness I did not have prior to his reading. I recommend him unequivocally.”

… Craig Gibson, Palm Springs, CA

"Dear Tim.  I am so thankful that you encouraged me to have my ovaries checked by a doctor.  They found tumors in my ovaries and if they burst I can die.  I really want to encourage you to continue sharing your gift in helping others as you have with me.”

… Sarah, CEO, Los Angeles

“Tim, Thank you for speaking with my horse Dakota. I am now a believer. He seems to have a new peace and security within that I feel as well. We now seem to share a stronger bond, maybe a deeper love, that comes with understanding. Your gift of insight has really helped us both. Our rides are much more fun -- and safer! -- than ever before.”

… Lauren Del Sarto, Publisher at Desert Health News, Palm Desert, CA

“Tim has been very instrumental in my grieving process. Helping me understand both sides of my life now. He truly has been a blessing on many different levels. I would definitely tell my friends to contact Tim if they need some guidance with their direction in life. Tim can bring amazing clarity.”

… Mark Peloquin, Chicago, IL

“Undeniably real.  You really are Tim. It crushed me to hear what you said but I am back to my love of training dogs and life is good!  The dogs and I thank you Tim.”

…Nick, Canine Trainer, Seattle, WA



Brandon Kneefel, from Instagram…

Hi Timothy! Good to connect on here. You read me several months back and I remembered some info you gave me that I was like “no way” then it ended up happening. I’m like. Welp, he was right on. ️ Love and Thank you!