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9:30 AM - 1:00 PM


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Have you ever had a curiosity or interest in your possible psychic potential, or would you like to get the benefits from further exploring and developing your current psychic abilities? You don’t want to miss out on getting one of these limited numbers of seats because it’s going to be an exciting, enlightening, easy to learn, unforgettable power-packed “YOUR PSYCHIC-SELF” WORKSHOP… EXPERIENCE!

Tim -- What an amazing 90 minutes spent with you and the group on Saturday. I feel closer to my spiritual gifts and perhaps even my psychic abilities. I'd like to take the second level class for sure. …Linda Moore

If you have been a participant in a previous YOUR PSYCHIC-SELF WORKSHOP and have awaited for level II, you won’t want to miss this workshop experience! Session I will be familiar and sets-you-up to easily and powerfully flow into the new Session II (level II), “Maximize Your Psychic-Self.”


Session I

”Get Connected”

- Your introduction to developing an accessible open energy connection so to receive relevant information for yourself.

-Gain accurate information by using Timothy’s powerful yet simple techniques.

- Deepen your psychic abilities so you can confidently analyze your own spirit’s messages with clarity.

>15-minute break<

Hot and cold spring waters and tea supplied (you are welcome to bring a lite snack or other beverage).

Session II

”Maximize Your Psychic-Self”

Discover your strongest psychic gift and learn easy ways in which you can strengthen it.

Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience?

experience the maximizing of your psychic-self with exclusive practices AND feedback from Timothy.

Timothy’s Psychic-Self workshop helped me to be more comfortable with and understand my own powers and how to use them more effectively. His style and delivery was personal and inclusive making me feel at ease, welcomed and understood. Timothy took psychic abilities and their use out of the unusual for me. —Craig Gibson


Thank you for the workshop, I truly enjoyed your teaching methods (I was a teacher for 38 years :) It was quite strong! and interesting. Looking forward to the next workshop. —Jan