Palm springs psychic for psychic readings and medium readings in palm springs. Timothy is a medium who connects you with the other side.

Palm Springs Psychic Medium Timothy Courtney is a personal Psychic Medium to many people including, Business Professionals, Artists, Performers, Athletes and Hollywood Celebrities.



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“Welcome, and thank you for being here. I believe you have come to this website for a reason or a purpose. Maybe you’re here because you are curious, you felt lead here, or you want a private reading. Are you ‘sensing’ or being pulled to have something greater in your life experience than you can clearly define, or, do you feel like it could be valuable for you to connect with someone on the other-side? To better assist you, I have put together some helpful information so that you might make the best choice for your private reading. I look forward to our time our time together.” …Timothy

Medium Reading: Is someone waiting to speak with you from the other side?  If so, you’ve come to the right place.  Timothy Courtney has been helping people reconnect with their departed loved ones through his work and is a highly recognized medium in this arena. It’s an invaluable ability that Timothy has been sharing through his private readings, workshops and his live events.

Psychic Reading: Through connecting with your energy, Timothy will be able to identify important areas of your life that might be in need of psychic guidance and direction.  He will be able to help you with your obstacles, challenges, uncertainties, opportunities, successes, and how things may change for you.

Dearest Timothy.  Your warmth and compassion appreciated in my reading.  I will always remember this as a very special time in communicating with my deceased husband.  You said so many things that only he and I would know.  The crying and laughing has given me much peace and gratitude for our time together, and for my future.
— Celeste, Paris, France